Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slide Wayzz

Slipping and sliding trombones were the order of the night Friday as Bonerama brought its New Orleans heat to the Narrows stage.

Three trombones, bass, drums, organ and guitar made a thunderous sound--but, with kudos to our sound dude, the dynamics worked well in the room.

If you're old enough--think Blood, Sweat and Tears after David Clayton Thomas departed, with more than a sprinkling of Fats Domino.

The show was streamed on, where it will likely be posted in a few days.

The Narrows is taking its 4th of July break. Plenty of great shows on tap for the 2nd half of 2009.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meet Vic Chestnutt

He's worked with Emmylou Harris, R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and others.  On Friday night he opened for Jonathan Richman, doing a quirky set with songs with one might describe as off-beat lyrics.

Learn more about Vic Chestnutt here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

If I Were A Richman

Your humble blogger went to talk to Jonathan Richman "backstage" at the Narrows about a half hour before showtime Friday night. There he was--a musical hero to your humble blogger, asleep on the couch.

I left, resisting the urge to snap a photo.

We chatted later, working out how I was to introduce him and his drummer Tommy Larkins.

He put on a quirky performance, picking up his guitar then putting it down constantly, picking up bells and dancing, wandering away from the microphone, re-arranging where the audience was sitting, etc. And the quirky crowd positively adored him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guitar Man

Leo Kottke, one of the finest 12-string acoustic guitarists in the world, made his annual trip to the Narrows Saturday night. In addition to the finest playing one could ever see, we learned from Leo's between-song patter:
  • He looks exactly like a German female classical pianist named Kottke who died in 1911;
  • He once shot a pistol at light bulbs tossed into the ocean while standng on the deck of a surfaced submarine;
  • While doing the above his hearing was impacted when the guy next to him fired a loud machine gun at the light bulbs.
  • Pete Seeger is a one-of-a kind instrumentalist.
  • And, as documented in the photo above, he likes to carry his guitars off the stage once the show is over.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking It Back to the Yanks

The guy who pretty much founded British blues/rock, Kim Simmonds and his group Savoy Brown made another lively appearance at the Narrows on Friday night to a large and enthusiastic crowd.

Despite cranking out the riffs since the mid-1960s, Mr. Simmonds (unlike some aging rockers) seems to have his speed and his chops with him. And he didn't have to sit in a chair to play (an increasingly common sight).

Whatever he's doing, it seems to be keeping him healthy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Haven on a Rainy Night.

Richie Havens, right after his Friday night performance at the Narrows. It rained like Woodstock forty years back.

Opener Emily Elbert, Texan and Berklee student.