Monday, January 02, 2012

Landing This Plane

Well, this is it for this blog.

Thank you to all you readers.

As you may know, I've retired as the Narrows emcee, and am also bringing "Backstage at the Narrows" to an end.

"Backstage at the Narrows" will still be around as an archive of sorts, but I will no longer be updating it. I urge you to follow Patrick's blog to keep up with Narrows info, plus follow the Narrows on Facebook and email. Exciting things are happening!!!

With our fabled venue just celebrating its 10th anniversary, it feels like the right time to make a change in my volunteer activities.

Been blogging since 2005; been at the Narrows as emcee etc. for something like 9 years. Before that, I hung out at the old Narrows in the 1990s when it was over on Martine Street in Fall River, playing guitar and hosting open mics.

Thanks to all who made these opportunities possible: Patrick, Maggie, Bert, Peter, Deb, Kathy, Clem, Marilyn and many others.

I urge all community-oriented music lovers to offer your volunteer services to the Narrows. It's a great experience with wonderful people.

For me, I'm looking forward to, maybe, taking classes, goofing off with Laura, playing my guitar, running in road races (recently ran the Alexandria, VA five mile "Turkey Trot" with my son), reading (just finished a fine biography on the late Senator Claiborne Pell), going to bed early on Friday nights, going to the movies (just saw the new Sherlock Holmes and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--both pretty good), hanging out with my son and daughter, and attending concerts at the Narrows! I'm also looking forward to getting music and movie tips from my brother-in-music, Carl, one of the Narrows' fine volunteers (he should start his own blog).

Enough said. Landing this plane. Bye!