Sunday, February 17, 2008

Amy Had A Baby!

Roots wranglers Ollabelle made a triumphant return to the Narrows Sunday night before a large, appreciative crowd.
Amy Helm, however, couldn't do the gig because she gave birth to a baby boy a few days ago.  So Martha Scanlan, in the photo above, not only opened the show but filled in. 

Congrats to Amy and her husband, and a special salute to Amy as well for co-producing Levon Helm's hit CD Dirt Farmer.  At this writing, it's topping the Americana radio chart. (Levon's her dad; and, unless the band was kidding us during the show, her new baby's name is Levon too!)

1 comment:

Dulcy said...

Amy Helm co-produced a Baby AND her Dad's CD? Is that multi-tasking or what?
...REALLY sorry to miss that show!