Sunday, December 18, 2011

45th Anniversary Show

No, not the Narrows anniversary. That's only 10 years.

Actually longer if you count when it was over on Martine Street. Patrick, Louis, me and others strumming guitars, honking harmonicas etc., while Bert and various visual artists planted the seeds to what is now an art gallery that has finally achieved deserved recognition. (Did you see the Legos exhibit?)

But I digress down memory lane.

Talking Savoy Brown--celebrating 45 years. They brought their new recording, Voodoo Moon, to the show Saturday night, so it was a CD release party in addition to a concert.

Founder and guitar god Kim Simmonds, who is now in his mid-60s, looked great and played with energy that drove his band to inspirational heights and brought the appreciative audience to its feet.

At this writing, haven't had a chance to listen to Voodoo Moon, but noticed that Mr. Simmonds writes in the CD notes that he emphasized songwriting in developing this project. Always a good thing.

I interviewed him about playing guitar before a 2010 performance. Read it here.

Our friend Mark T. Small opened the show with his faster-than-lightning hands and his deep knowledge of the blues. Mark wowed the crowd so much that I'm told people literally ran over to the front table to buys his new CD, which I wrote about awhile back. See that write up here.

Overall, a great night for the blues.

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Anonymous said...

Was at the show Saturday 12/17/11 and it was incredible. The price of admission was more than worth the ticket just for Mark T Small alone. His 45 minute solo set kicked off a night of some great blues and I would have been happy to listen to him play for hours. Savoy Brown jumped right into their new album and went on to play an amazing set that shows how truly great musicians can work their magik.