Saturday, September 24, 2011

Candidate for Record of the Year

Revelator--Tedeschi Trucks Band--Narrows alum and Massachusetts native Susan Tedeschi has teamed up with husband Derek Trucks--current Allman Brother and nephew of original Allman Butch Trucks--to create a blues/rock/soul masterpiece.

Imagine if Bonnie Raitt were fronting the Allman Brothers, who brought in as special guests The Meters and a 70's soul horn section. That's the sound, although Ms. Tedeschi is an edgier singer than Ms. Raitt to these ears. (Off the record tidbit--a Narrows crew member told me the other day that he was, if memory serves, traveling in an elevator with Ms. Tedeschi during her visit to the Narrows in 2009 (photo), and she referenced how hard she works on her vocals.)

Hard work seems to be key to Revelator's success. According to the Tedeschi Trucks Band website, both put their solo careers on hold to make it happen. Says Mr. Trucks, "We spent a whole year putting a band together, with different lineups, different approaches, different mindsets, and during the same time began songwriting. After about six months we had over 30 songs to choose from." Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, said Thomas Edison. Clearly, Ms. Tedeschi and Mr. Trucks lacked neither in making Revelator.

This recording deserves a shot at a Grammy and to be in your CD player/computer/smart phone. Here's a video taste:

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