Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Narrows Performer

Canadian icon Bruce Cockburn made an impressive Narrows debut Friday night, replete with chimes and a customized backdrop.

This after a busy day in which, we hear, he went to a Fall River laundromat to do a load or two. One of the many ways the Narrows brings dollars into the city to benefit business.

You'd be surprised what some of the artists do when they roll into town. Blues guitar great Robert Cray, for example, purchased shoes on Plymouth Avenue in Fall River during a visit. Greg Brown bought a guitar in Swansea. Eric Lindell bought a bass cabinet over there too. And, of course, local eateries regularly host the Narrows performers.

On a more serious note, with the thousands upon thousands of people that the Narrows draws to the city every month maybe we ought to change our name: the Narrows Center for Economic Development.

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