Friday, September 16, 2011

Narrows Jazz

Jazz trumpeter Christian Scott, accompanied by a fabulous pianist, bassist and drummer, wowed the crowd Thursday night at the Narrows.

Not even 30 years, he's already been up for a Grammy and even appeared with George Clooney in a movie (Leatherheads)! His--what might one call--"progressive" or maybe "fusion" stylings put me in the mood to listen to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew.

His appearance reflects the Narrows' commitment to bringing more jazz to the local stage, recognizing that jazz has some of the finest musicians in the world. Their artistry deserves to be heard, though filling a room for a jazz performance is challenging.

That's why we're asking all our jazz devotees to help us spread the word. When we have a jazz show, Facebook it, Twitter it, call up your friends. Then be here!

Our next jazz show is October 7 with Ben Allison.

Pass the word.

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